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Who would have thought that a Siri-like sentient database theoretically incapable of humanoid feelings would end up giving us all the feels?

Weird stuff is happening now that she's helping Jason and Tahani work on their relationship, which is actually super sad. Jason suggests that Tahani confide in Janet about their secret hook-ups, and it all goes downhill from there — not for the two members of Team Cockroach, but for their "not a robot" personal assistant. All Janet says is that she would "feel great" about giving Janet and Tahani couple's therapy, and her thumb breaks off and flies into the air like a sad, lost balloon.

Janet suggests that this happens because, "I'm operating in a way I'm not designed for, and it's creating a small glitch. Is this because Janet is talking about emotions, having them, or lying?

janet cactus episode

Technically, she's not allowed to lie. Maybe deep down in her programming, she knows that she's not actually happy about this blossoming romance. Maybe she remembers that she and Jason used to be married. This definitely has something to do with the not-lady's relationship with Jason in Season 1. Later, when she says she's happy for the two of them, a frog falls out of her mouth.

Saying the same thing a month later causes a small earthquake. At the end of the episode, Janet takes this problem to Michael. I fear this neighborhood is in danger of total collapse.

Same, girl. We all know what it's like to pretend to be happy for someone, or lie to ourselves, or feel depressed and not quite know the cause — and this is a delightfully bizarre way of representing that pain and confusion.

Janet's memory has been erased hundreds of times since then, but a residual something from Michael's original experiment is still deep down in there. What's interesting is that in Season 1, when Janet "fell" for Jason and exchanged vows with him, so to speak, she didn't glitch. Technically she was operating in a way she was not designed for at that time, too, but it didn't muck up the universe.

They were ride or die! That makes it seem as if the glitch happening now is either caused by a negative emotion, or the fact that she is not telling her own truth — which logically shouldn't be possible. How awful! While it would be interesting to see what torturing Janet would accomplish, that twist doesn't seem totally likely. Her Bad Place ideas have been, as Michael complained in a previous episode, pretty basic.

One thing is for sure.

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Whatever is causing this glitch is going to be the focus of The Good Place for at least the next two episodes, according to their official descriptions. Next Thursday, in "Janet and Michael," technical difficulties occur and "when the Neighborhood experiences a small glitch, Michael has to resolve the issue with Janet before it gets out of control.Michael has to help Janet stop glitching before the neighborhood implodes.

Episode 24: Prick cactus shop and Gynelle Leon

The Good Place. Sorry, video is no longer available. Season 4 Season 4 Season 3. Season 3 Bloopers. Season 2 Gag Reel. Season 1 Gag Reel. Chidi Reads Eleanor's File and Chidi Is Back and Weirdly Confident. Michael and Shawn Come to an Agreement. Jason Mendoza: Florida Man. Holy Forking Shirtballs! The Good Place Curse Words.

Maximum Derek, Maximum Laughs. Eleanor Is the Answer. Character Journey: Janet. Chidi Remembers Eleanor. Character Journey: Tahani.

The Judge Rules on the Fate of Humanity. Character Journey: Jason. This Is the Bad Place Again. Chidi Flies off the Handle. Character Journey: Chidi. Janet's Rescue, Part 2. Character Journey: Eleanor. Janet's Rescue, Part 1. Michael Almost Blows Himself Up. Character Journey: Michael. Michael's a Fire Squid and He's Embarrassed.Jana Tetrazzini is a girl whom Piper Hart has a complete dislike for, and is jealous of her high number of followers and popularity.

Jana has brown hair and brown eyes. She is slightly shorter than Piper, and may be a lazy person as her father helped with her science project and did little progress herself.

Piper, as well as the rest of her family, have a complete dislike for Jana and her family; their parents may be rivals as well. Jana Tetrazzini was first mentioned in Substitute Teacher. Piper admits her jealousy towards Jana and is furious about it. She finally makes her debut in Season 3's Scream Machine.

She's part of the Gizmo competition along with Piper and has a grander volcano than Piper's tiny one only because her dad made it for her. She then insults both Piper and Jake and they both attempt to attack her while the other holds them back. While Captain Man and Kid Danger are trying to catch a " criminal ", with everyone including Jana watching, Piper sneakily turns on her volcano, soaking Jana in red paint.

In Danger GamesPiper mentions how Jana has become rich by dating a prince, infuriating her and her parents' chances at becoming millionaires.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? So you're a loser all by yourself. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Scream Machine. Part 1: A New Evil.The Cactus Saga is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends. Cactus Jake explains where he got his nickname in a story involving his grandfather Jack and a familiar looking feline known as The Lasagna Kid. At the Polecat Flats saloon, Jon tries to woo a cowgirl eating a hamburger, claiming that "he would make a good catch", which results in her comparing him to a rainbow trout.

Cactus Jake enters the saloon, followed by Garfield dressed in a gallon cowboy hat, leather chaps and a green polka-dot bandanna.

janet cactus episode

The moving door hits Garfield in the back, sending him flying directly at group of cacti planted inside the saloon. Cactus Jake breaks his fall just in time. Jon asks Cactus Jake how he got his nickname - as a response, the foreman of Polecat Flats explains the family story about his ancestor, Cactus Jack, who was a sheriff in a town. The sheriff had a feline deputy resembling Garfield, known as "The Lasagna Kid" for riding a horse with an allergy to cat fur, dueling in saloons in eating, especially at the Short Branch Cafe.

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The sheriff's deputy liked to show her tricks with shoveling food and Kitty found that impressive. One day, bandits called the Leibkovitz brothers robbed a bank and took Miss Kitty with themselves, which caused Cactus Jack and The Lasagna Kid to make an intervention.

After a short pursuit, the law bringers reached the outlaws on top of a mountain. Despite the bandits outnumbering the sheriff, they were defeated when The Lasagna Kid's horse sneezed due to his allergy to cat fur.

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Miss Kitty was saved just before the rocks pinned down the Leibkovitz brothers with their robbed money, causing them to surrender. Unfortunately, Cactus Jack fell from the mountain and landed on cacti planted on the ground, which injured him. When Miss Kitty asked the Lasagna Kid, how she could show her gratitude for being saved, he asked her for lasagna, making her disappointed.

Having brought her back to Short Branch Cafe, the sheriff had to visit a doctor, who removed the needles from his body and suggested the nickname "Cactus Jack". Back in the present, barbecue ribs are served and Garfield shows that he is the fastest rib-eater in the Wild West.

The episode gallery can be seen here. Jekyll and Mr. Sign In Don't have an account?Someone in the neighborhood knows Eleanor's secret; Chidi needs a hobby. The Good Place. Sorry, video is no longer available. Season 4 Season 4 Season 3. Season 3 Bloopers.

janet cactus episode

Season 2 Gag Reel. Season 1 Gag Reel. Chidi Reads Eleanor's File and Chidi Is Back and Weirdly Confident. Michael and Shawn Come to an Agreement. Jason Mendoza: Florida Man. Holy Forking Shirtballs! The Good Place Curse Words. Maximum Derek, Maximum Laughs. Eleanor Is the Answer. Character Journey: Janet. Chidi Remembers Eleanor. Character Journey: Tahani. The Judge Rules on the Fate of Humanity.

Character Journey: Jason.She spent a year researching before opening her shop, and it shows: Leon is a houseplant nerd of the highest order and I mean that as a total compliment so as you can imagine we get on very well, discussing everything from the cactus as phallic symbol to how to know when to water your succulents. You can read more about Gynelle and Prick by heading over to gardenista. If you're wondering what the crazy plant Gynelle and I describe as looking like a wave, take a look at the picture to the left above: it's planted in one of Gynelle's fantastic bespoke Prick pots.

Below are more images of the minimalist interior of Prick, showing the forest of cacti in the window and the simple, stylish 'Prick pots' Gynelle Leon commissioned specially for her store. This week's question comes from Jessica Darlington who has an infestation of red wriggler or composting worms in her houseplant pots. Now, I love worms, they are brilliant creatures, but I do not want them cohabiting with my houseplants.

I suggest Jessica carries out a mass deworming programme, taking every single one of her houseplants out of their pots maybe in the bath or a large sink. The pots will need washing in hot soapy water and rinsing, then every scrap of compost needs to be removed from the rootballs of the plants, to dislodge all the worms and any eggs.

S2 E6 | 10/26/17

Then the plants can be repotted into fresh houseplant compost. The staghorn ferns infested with worms are harder to fix, but I suggest dunking the rootball in a bucket of water repeatedly to flush them out. If you have a better idea, let me know! Want to ask me a question? It's lovely to read your kind comments, and it really helps new listeners to find the show. You can also buy me a coffee!

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Jane Perrone. Episode Prick cactus shop and Gynelle Leon. Sinocrassula yunnanensis f. Photograph: Prick London. Question of the week. Can I get a witness? Jane Perrone November 17, Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 0 Likes. Jane Perrone November 24, Jane Perrone November 10, houseplants, pilea, calathea, haworthia, Peperomia.Search for Janet on Amazon.

Michael : Okay, um, how do I explain this concisely? This is Tuesdays Janet : And sometimes it's never. Humans only live 80 years, and they spend so much of it just waiting for things to be over.

Can I get you started with some drinks? Our specialty cocktail tonight is the Fourth of July. Simone and Chidi are good together.

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I've been running simulations on what their kids will be like. One of them is hot enough to be on "The Bachelor" and smart enough to never go on "The Bachelor. Michael : I got to ride a bike. I put a coin in a thing and got a gumball. And then someone came up to me and said, "hot enough for ya?

I said, "tell me about it! Michael : Oh, damn. I didn't even think to chew it. Missed opportunity, shoot. Ooh, I've never had to walk before, this is fun! Walking is dumb. Jason : And to Janet, the best robot. Janet : Not a robot. Jason : Girl. Janet : Not a girl. Jason : And straight-up hottie. Janet : I am attractive, yes. Oh, really? Is it an error to act unpredictably and behave in ways that run counter to how you were programmed to behave?

Michael : She was feeling a little lost so I gave her a self-help book to restore her confidence. Janet : Now I'm living my truth and creating my bliss.

janet cactus episode

Chidi : This equipment is very scary! Janet : Don't be a baby.

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It can't hurt you. Watch, I'll blowtorch your face off. Michael : Janet. Janet : Whatever.